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Posted by Marie Trejo on Jan 21, 2020 1:28:29 PM
Marie Trejo

Cleaning my house is something that I like to do. I like the smell of a clean house. I like the look of a clean house. But, cleaning my house is one of those things that I am finding it harder to find time for. 

The same goes for taking care of my yard and pool. These two areas are getting the biggest neglect. 

A couple years ago I hired a company to clean my house. First, they did a deep clean. They washed the windows and blinds, cleaned my dirty fans, dusted everything, mopped, and made everything sparkle. Then, I had them come weekly to do maintenance - just making sure that my home kept looking good. I couldn't believe that it took me so long to do that! That was the best money I've ever spent! I could have a clean house without having to do anything!

Hiring a company to maintain your yard and pool will be a timesaver for sure! 

You might be busy at work, busy with kids, or busy being retired. Not everyones favorite thing to do is pool or yard work - and that is where a maintenance company can really be helpful.

We have some great people in our company and they would love to help make your life easier!  We offer different maintenance packages for your yard. 

Hire a company you can trust!

The most important part of hiring a maintenance company is hiring a company you can trust. 

Here are some things you might want to ask the company you are considering:

  • Do you run background checks on employees? 
  • If so, do they have a clean history?
  • Is there someone I can contact if I have a question or concern?
  • Will the truck be marked so I know who is at my home/property?
  • Will the employees wear uniforms with a company logo on them?
  • Can I pay my bill online and/or automatically?
  • How long have you been in business?
  • Do you have a physical location?
  • If so, can I come in if needed?
  • Are you licensed with the Pest Management Division (PMD) to spray weeds?
  • Do you have Certified Pool Operators (CPO's)?
  • Do you have any testimonials online that I can review?
  • Do you have any awards?

Click below to request a downloadable PDF of these questions and why you should ask them. 

Get PDF of what to ask a pool maintenance company

Get PDF of what to ask a maintenance company


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