We sell and install flagpoles!

You will love our telescoping flagpoles

  • Easy to lower
  • Easy to replace/change flags
  • Withstand high winds


  • Polycarbonate bushing allow each section of pole to slide up and down smoothly, metal never touches metal. 
  • Anodized aluminum swivel rings allow flags to fly freely in the wind. 
  • Double flag harness accessory allows you to fly 2 flags or fly a flag at half staff. 
  • Each section easily raises. 
  • Simply press the "release" button to lower the pole.





Download for more information on our flagpoles


3 different sizes

16 ft Presidential (3' x 5' flag included) - $379.00 

20 ft. Heavy Duty (4' x 6' flag included)- $529.00

25 ft. Heavy Duty (4' x 6' flag included) - $799.00

Installation - $195.00

If needed: Return visit to install flagpole in sleeve - $75.00 

Optional: Solar Light - $150.00