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Minimum Visit - $350

Our minimum visit is based on 500 sqft at 65 cents per sqft.


Medium Visit (sqft) - $.60

For yards 501 to 1,000 sqft, turf cleaning is 60 cents per square foot.


Large Visit (sqft) - $.50

Yards 1,001 and up are 50 cents per square foot.


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Deep Cleaning

We start by using a backpack blower to lift up and blow all the pet hair, leaves, rocks, or other bits of debris from the turf. 

Turf Fluffing

Next, we use the Powerbroom to dig deep into your artificial turf, ensuring that all debris and pet hair is brought up to the surface. We will then use the blower to blow everything off, making sure we leave your turf looking clean and tidy.

Removing Odor

To get rid of any funky odors, we will spray a special sanitizing and deodorizing spray that kills off any bacteria causing bad smells. This cleaner/deodorizer will be sprayed throughout all your turf.

The grass is always greener

When it's fake and kept clean:)