Marie Trejo

Marie Trejo
Marie, with her husband, are the owners of Grasshopper Landscaping. They are parents to 6 children and 2 bonus children, and grandparents to 1.5 grandchildren.

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Beautiful Plants for Southern Arizona!

Posted by Marie Trejo on Aug 3, 2020 7:00:00 AM

We get so many requests and questions about what plants do best in our area that we decided to compile them all. 

Many of our clients want to know what kind of plants they have, and many want to know what the plants look like that we propose to install for them. 

With the extended closures and the uncertainty in the world, there is no better time than now to start thinking about creating an outdoor space that will provide you with peace and comfort. And you don't even need to go big either. Just creating an area in your back yard for some things that you enjoy - like an area to read and relax, an area to play in, or an area to entertain in. We can create a space that is just your style. One thing we've learned from 2020 is that things can change in an instant! Who knows if or when another mandate to lockdown and quarantine will be. 

One of my favorite places in our yard is our fire pit area. We have many Elderica Pines and Mesquite trees and I love to sit under them and read. This is also a place that I love to sit and visit with family. 

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COVID-19 Repercussions

Posted by Marie Trejo on Jul 13, 2020 9:10:22 AM

Can you believe that it has been 4 months since the lockdown/quarantine started? 

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Our Dog Policy

Posted by Marie Trejo on Jun 30, 2020 4:49:01 PM

This is Duke (our dog) and Grant (our youngest). 

We love Duke! He is such a good dog! We would be so sad if anything ever happened to him or he happened to do something to cause harm to anyone. 

Recently our field team members and a customer service rep have had instances where they were servicing yards and have been bit by nice dogs. Dogs that would never bite or hurt anyone. Thankfully none of the instances resulted in scratching the skin or having to get tested for rabies. 

Because we love our employees as much as our clients love their pets, we are implementing a dog policy effective immediately. We want the best for our employees AND our clients dogs. 

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Posted by Marie Trejo on Mar 17, 2020 3:34:03 PM


March 30 - 4 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Cochise County. 

President Trump extends social distancing. Read more here.

Govenor Ducey announces schools will remain closed through the end of the school year. Read more here. 

As an essential business, the health of our employees, their families, and our clients is our highest priority. 

Additional measures being implemented:

  • Limit all contact as much as possible by wearing gloves. 
  • Advising employees to avoid touching their face and avoid sharing food/drinks
  • Employees will not enter the office area
  • Trucks and equipment will be wiped down
  • Some employees will drive themselves to the jobsite
  • Employees concerned or at-risk will have the opportunity to not come to work
  • All employees are encouraged to practice social distancing and to stay home after work
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Do you give free estimates?

Posted by Marie Trejo on Mar 2, 2020 8:03:40 AM

Yes..... and no. 

We've been giving free estimates for years but effective March 1, 2020 we will have some policy changes that will include charging a small one-time fee for estimates.

When discussing with our team about charging for estimates two companies came to my mind. Costco and Amazon.  

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What does our motto mean?

Posted by Marie Trejo on Feb 11, 2020 11:10:13 AM

When I was young, I remember being at my grandma's house. She was expecting carpet cleaners to come by that day. I remember hearing her talk on the phone with the company. She was asking questions about the vehicle they would be driving and what the men would be wearing. She wanted to be sure she knew what and who to expect when people came to her door. This happened over 25 years ago and as a young girl I  often wondered why she was so concerned about that. But, if she was so concerned about it back in the 90's then there should be a concern for it now. 

So how does this relate to our motto? We'll get there ;)

Our motto is Quality from the ground up. 

And that starts at the very bottom, or the very beginning, or the very first impression. 

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Being more patriotic

Posted by Marie Trejo on Jan 30, 2020 6:15:00 AM

Do you consider yourself blessed to live in the United States of America? I sure do! 

We live under favorable circumstances and have freedoms that many other people in countries do not have. I am grateful for those that put themselves in harms way to protect our beautiful country. Every time I hear the Star Spangled Banner play I get goosebumps. 

One thing that I have loved is displaying a flag in our yard for all to see!

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What plants do best in Southern Arizona?

Posted by Marie Trejo on Jan 23, 2020 11:52:54 AM

We have been in the landscaping industry for over 20 years and we have seen the plants that do well and those that don't. Generally, you will want to choose plants that are native to our area and require little to no water. 

You may be thinking that you'll need to have a cactus garden, but that's not true at all! Let me show you some possibilities.

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Caring for your newly installed sod

Posted by Marie Trejo on Jan 21, 2020 4:15:37 PM

Great choice! Installing sod is a great way to have an instant lawn!

It will take a little bit of TLC from you for the next 2-4 weeks, however, but once the sod is established, you will have a beautiful green lawn that you can enjoy!

I love to take my shoes off and and feel the grass on my toes and you will too!

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Consideration for hiring a maintenance company

Posted by Marie Trejo on Jan 21, 2020 1:28:29 PM

Cleaning my house is something that I like to do. I like the smell of a clean house. I like the look of a clean house. But, cleaning my house is one of those things that I am finding it harder to find time for. 

The same goes for taking care of my yard and pool. These two areas are getting the biggest neglect. 

A couple years ago I hired a company to clean my house. First, they did a deep clean. They washed the windows and blinds, cleaned my dirty fans, dusted everything, mopped, and made everything sparkle. Then, I had them come weekly to do maintenance - just making sure that my home kept looking good. I couldn't believe that it took me so long to do that! That was the best money I've ever spent! I could have a clean house without having to do anything!

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